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With a large range of collectables including books, magazines, and all JP / TheLostWorld material,
We are the one stop shop for strange requests.
Want to know the original ideas for the Visitor centre/cars? Production drawings?
ie: This behind the seens pic of a dead Hadrosaur being made>>
Last Updated : 19.11.00. >Maps are update, some Mural stuff has been found , and the TLW trailershave been uploaded.
News 19.11.00

A request for the TLW mural, has been half finished, but we are still searching. And Trailer information has been found.

   Some more maps have been addded by myself and Dino Rino, go check them out, we now have a total of 5.

   Please read the last news, as i have already updated. Go to: News 18.11.00

You name it we've probabley got it!
If u need some pictures then go to our Request page!
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News 18.11.00

A request for the TLW mural, has been half finished, but we are still searching.

   DSoul is 1 of our two new site Reseachers. Some of you may know him from RM's, and Universal Studios messageboards. We welcome him, and hope he can be of service to you. Our other new researcher is currently suppling his info.

   Also you may have noticed the new electric-fence style background.

News 15.11.00
JP Network Logo

Jp Pics has attempted to apply for statuis in the JP-Network, so i currently have a JP Network sign on the site.

   In further news involving the new site researcher, he has accepted, and i am currently gaining information from him. He shall be officialaly welcomed on the next NEWS update.

News 10.11.00
Jp Page

Latest request: Explorer Designs can be found on the JP page.

    And our site should soon be welcomeing a new operator, who has recently been contacting me, asking if he can join, as he has loads of material to supply. I will soon be in contact with him.

I'll keep u all upto date in this section.